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    Nadia Bimpis (Kapri)

    Invergowrie Foundation Victoria University Achievement Scholar 2010.

    Nadia completed her Bachelor of Psychological studies with high distinction in 2012. An outstanding student, she was Valedictorian at her graduation.

    Nadia always had the goal to go to university, but just did not believe it was possible. She was awarded the Victoria University Achievement – Invergowrie Foundation Scholarship in 2010 and eagerly accepted all the opportunities presented to her. It was an honour for Nadia to receive the Scholarship, a reward for her hard work and dedication.

    The award of the Achievement Scholarship allowed Nadia to do ‘that little bit more’ at university. It was not only the monetary value that proved important to Nadia’s progress but as a scholar she was able to cultivate invaluable life building skills including public speaking and develop a sense of place and confidence through leadership courses available as part of her scholarship program.

    Nadia completed the final semester of her Bachelor of Psychological Studies at the University of Texas, El Paso (UTEP) through Victoria University’s student exchange program. At UTEP, not only was she an ‘A’ student, she also embraced the culture of University life as an intern, working at the Student Development Centre.

    The awarding of a Victoria University Achievement – Invergowrie Foundation Scholarship, also enabled Nadia to travel to South Africa on the VESA program, benefitting from this unique experience. Nadia describes it as the “best experience of my life”; she worked in an orphanage, with animal conservation and an irrigation program on the land.

    VU then supported Nadia’s application for Honours. Her study was on “Resilience in Paramedics” to measure if this is an innate quality or if experience is key. In 2016, she became a mother to her daughter, Evangelia.

    Nadia excelled academically and was offered a Research Assistant post by Dr. Michelle Ball, Associate Professor and Deputy Head of Psychology. This gave her the opportunity to study Coroner reports to identify ways of preventing house fires. Although grim reading, it was important work and consolidated Nadia’s interest in, and talent as a Researcher.

    Just before giving birth to her second child, Nadia submitted her application to VU for a Master’s in Professional Psychology, which she deferred to 2020.

    Nadia is back at VU studying full time and is passionate about a career as a Clinical Psychologist. She sees clients via telehealth appointments and works with them using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) on a range of issues; insomnia; anxiety, and phobias. Key skills needed in our communities now more than ever during this pandemic.

    Nadia is very thankful to both the Invergowrie Foundation and to VU for awarding her scholarship in 2010. She has continued to shine with solid results in her academic life and a promising career. Demonstrating key qualities of determination and drive, Nadia has embraced academia, travel, social justice and family with gusto and integrity.

    Victoria University is proud of Nadia and her accomplishments. We would sincerely like to thank the Invergowrie Foundation once more for your support.